Nepal Mount Everest Trekking

MT Everest Trekking

MT Everest Trekking is the highest peak in Nepal and is located on the border of the legendary Khumbu territory with the commanding Mount Everest as its backdrop. While MT Everest Trekking is not quite high, it is a straightforward ascension. In most cases, you will find groups and individuals on this excursion and the only requirement is that they be physically fit and have an adventurous spirit. The best months for trekking everest are march, april,may, sep, oct and november, while you are in trekking everest in these months you can see the fullest beauty of nature.


Trekking Everest is located in the most ideal spot for the most wonderful view of the Himalayan behemoths which are the Everest, Lhotse, Nupste, Makalu and many other mountains. Trekking Everest is a very attainable goal particularly as the initial expedition or as the culmination of one’s mountaintop trekking endeavors. MT Everest Trekking reverberates with fresh and fascinating experiences on a daily basis whether on the shot trips or the longer tours.

For accomplished climber, Trekking Everest is a straightforward ascend and the major problem could be the correct acclimatization and its high altitude. Mt Everest Trekking is nonetheless a very popular station and we will be pleased to offer our clients guided tours despite them not having any mountaineering experience. We recommend that climbers have a preparation and fitness as well as altitude training before embarking on the trekking everest and expedition.


Mt Everest Trekking will offer climber one of the best views in the Himalayas from the top and there are five peaks of 8000 meters that are apparent. On the trail there is Mount Everest, Mount Lhoste, Mount Cho Oyu, Mount Makalu and Mount Kangchenjunga. The normal route from the north comprises of high altitude walking in a glacial mass. 

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